Blue Room

BLUE ROOM / 2009 by Ivan Örkény and Alexander Sandy White

2D, 3D Animation HD 1080p30

TRT: 00:04:26 / Color / Sound - Special Thanks to Takuma Kanaiwa for sounds and music

There is often a feeling of having stepped into a world that is in the middle of rearranging itself. There is also a sense of having gained an illicit look into a workshop after dark when all the machines come to life and emulate their creators and their perceived surroundings in a mechanical danse macabre. The protagonists bear witness to a world reinventing itself. A faceless character is increasingly confused while attempting to map not only an outer landscape, but also an inner one. Blue Room challenges its' protagonists to conform to its landscapes in order to function, in order to move on. New obstacles and new settings demand new faces and new characters to be invented in response. While slowly adapting to a fragmented world the protagonists become fragmented and ever- changing. Slowly they merge and the difference between them becomes negligible until the entire process starts over again... Written by Michael Bank Christoffersen & Ivan Orkeny & Sandy White

Blue Room explores a character trapped within his own existence. He imagines a blue-breathing membrane, a path of veins that subsumes his desolate reality. The membrane leads him to an uncaged bird who fascinates him temporarily. But his imagination devours the creature and provokes a cyclical disintegration.