Treppenwitz / 2013 (3D,TRT:00:12:36, HD 1080p30)

Animation by Ivan Örkény

The ‘Wit of the Staircase’ is all about stairways: automated, miniature, folded and collapsed into themselves or even dead. Like all staircases, they ascend and descend. But very few of them lead anywhere.The main character in Treppenwitz is a miniature spiral staircase model, born of an 18 century carpentry guild. It is paralyzed by its future, enchained by its past. It resents everything about its existence including the fact that it was carved by a craftsman rather than having sprung from the womb of a Matryoshka doll. Nor was it conceived as the creation ladder of Ramon Llull’s 14 century eight-step ascension theory.

Lesprit de Lescalier / 2013 (2D,TRT:00:08:00, HD 1080p30)

Animation by Ivan Örkény

L'esprit de L'escalier is the second animation in a trilogy about a miniature spiral staircase born of an 18th century carpentry guild. The stairway wonders through an ever-growing landscape, evolving from sepia toned, flat surfaces to a colorful dimensional environment. Throughout the animation character is more and more engulfed in a rising tide of memories.

Blue Room

Blue Room / 2009 (3D,2D,TRT:00:04:26, HD 1080p30)

Animation by Ivan Örkény and Alexander Sandy White

Special Thanks to Takuma Kanaiwa for sounds and music

Blue Room explores a character trapped within his own existence. He imagines a blue-breathing membrane, a path of veins that subsumes his desolate reality. The membrane leads him to an uncaged bird who fascinates him temporarily. But his imagination devours the creature and provokes a cyclical disintegration.

News with a Focus / 2001 (3D,TRT:00:17:34, SD DV-NTSC)

Animation by Ivan Örkény

The story is a critical piece about the American news media and the development of technology and its relation to human society. The story is based on extensive research on propaganda media, commercial television news, and the relationship between computer based imagery and high-tech television representation. The work deals with the aesthetic aspect of news media, through the plot development of segregated news bites into a conclusive narrative story.

New with a Focus
The Order of Templates

The Order of Templates / 2004 (3D,TRT:00:10:00, SD DV-NTSC 720x480 16:9) Animation by Ivan Örkény (MFA Thesis Exhibition)

Traffic Accident, and Crime Scene Investigator templates, used to visually aid the collection of forensic topographical data. The merging of the inherently flat and two-dimensional drawings produced by the templates with digital animation formally posed a challenge to the medium's native 3D environment. The gory violence of crimes and accidents reduced to basic, standardized geometrical visual language corresponds to the 3D application's standardized and simplified scripted language, mimicking actions and tools inherited from real life. The concept of predicting the combinations of all possibilities that can produce human violence and tragedy within a crime or accident scene inspired me to generate a narrative around a template that does not exist yet (or cannot exist).

Dome / 2000 (2D,TRT:00:04:33, SD DV-NTSC 720x480 4:3)

Animation by Ivan Örkény

This is my first computer animation piece. The artwork represents my initial developmental stages of the technical and aesthetic aspects of the medium. The plot targets broad problems of modern civilization such as cultural isolationism and commercialism through disturbing visual images. The work was strongly influenced by the Russian government’s handling of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

On False Domesticity

On False Domesticity / 2009 (2D,TRT:00:05:23, SD DV-NTSC 720x480 4:3)

Animation by Ivan Örkény and Alexander Sandy White

LOOP '07, Barcelona

In their first collaboration, On False Domesticity the duo investigates the fragmentation of a character with two identities, through the poetics of cyclical sequences: the domestic intimate, the social and the technological environments. As Oliver -the protagonist- becomes caught in the circular web of daily life, he is derailed by narcissistic self-observations and succumbs to the quasi-disintegration of his own self.

Untitled #1, #2 / 2002 (2D,TRT:00:08:37, SD DV-NTSC 720x480)

Animation by Ivan Örkény

Wallach Art Gallery

Challenging my ideas on American history and cultural theory, I invested time in researching contemporary historical events, with a particular focus on John F. Kennedy's assassination. My interest in the relation between perception of historical knowledge and spatial and architectural memory led me to investigate how artists, scientists, and conspiracy theorists have attempted to solve the social, historical and political drama surrounding the assassination. My animation piece focused on the socially and politically charged location of the assassination, the Dealey Plaza, and its potential to reveal how society digests and personalizes historical and political information through the distorting lens of mass media, education and political propaganda.

Untitled #1 & Untitled #2
Untitled #2
Untitled #1

Untitled #1 / 2003 (2D,TRT:00:04:16, SD DV-NTSC 720x480 4:3)

Animation by Ivan Örkény