Memory Pond / 2018 (iOS,Android - Published on iTunes and Google Play Store)

Game developed by Multimedium Studios Inc. / Ivan Örkény & Alexander White

Match your memory tiles and discover the animals and insects that live in a pond's ecosystem. Each organism is dependent on the next as a source of food. This is what makes a food chain. For example, the diving beetle eats the algae, the fish eats the beetle and then the heron eats the fish. Together they make a balanced cycle of food and life. Check it out for yourself!

NightFlower / 2019 (Unpublished - In-Production)

Game Developed by Multimedium Studios / Ivan Örkény & Alexander White

Join the Forest Detective sisters, Izzy and Alex as they uncover the curious disappearance of their parents and learn more about their powerful history and true identity in the world. Being raised by their master alchemist- diviner grandmother, these part-human and part-animal sisters set out on a reading adventure quest/ game of solving puzzles and unlocking chapters that reveal their family’s unique past along with clues to help them better avert an uncertain future of the forest they call home.

Wormwood / 2020 (Unpublished - In-Production)

Animation and Game developed by Ivan Örkény

The project Consist of two larger computer generated animation projects, and up to five smaller animations, supporting sculptural elements, prints and an immersive game element developed on Unreal Engine 4.